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Premier is a full service provider of Paratransit services . We manage and operate all aspects of paratransit from Dispatch to Route Management, Service Delivery and Maintenance.

Employee Screening & Training

Premier has focused on creating and maintaining a process of screening and selection of and employee workforce that results in the hiring of quality professionals at all levels. Our corporate team consists of a complementary group of individuals with experience in the medical transportation and safety fields and well experienced people in back office operations. This cohesive team has been instrumental in managing our existing business as well as working towards growing our business to new service contracts and service lines.

Service Delivery

Premier’s Motor Vehicle Operators (MVO) are  trained in all areas of road safety and customer service. Premiers Safety programs include initial training and annual training in addition to accident prevention and defensive driving seminars. Premiers Operators are well versed in the importance of a professional, manner , in which they service the clients they serve. With the disabled population extra care is needed to ensure they are safely secured during their ride and upon entering or exiting the vehicle. Premier enjoys a high a level of customer satisfaction along with a proven record of superb  service performance.


Premier provides a full service of maintenance shop work on its entire fleet. Our Preventive maintenance programs allow us to maintain a service ready fleet that is safe and in compliance with all governing agencies. Premier enjoys a  consistent 100 % DOT passing rate which attests to its fleet management skills. Premier preforms all repairs including body work on site which enables us to minimize the time vehicles  are considered to be out of service . All maintenance records are reviewed daily to ensure our vehicles are clean safe and comfortable prior to service.


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