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Premier Paratransit LLC  was formed in 2008, with the purpose of providing Paratransit services in accordance with American with Disabilities act.

Premier’s  management team is comprised of seasoned professionals in the Medical  Transportation  field. Premier utilizes its expertise in the medical and transportation fields to provide a compassionate and reliable service to the customers and agencies it serves. Premier’s parent company Assist Ambulance is a provider of Emergency and non–Emergency ambulance transportation, servicing the greater NYC service area for over three decades. Premier enjoys strong annual growth and forecasts a continued steady increase in coming years.


Customer Service

Premier understands that customer service is vital to providing quality paratransit service. Additionally, Premier understands that we don’t just represent ourselves. We are also representatives of the agency we are contracted with. Premier has therefore adopted a bi-level approach to customer service. This approach is defined as Proactive and Reactive. They include the following measures:

Customer Surveys   Customer Complaint Resolution Process
Customer Participation   Multiple channels for customers to express concerns
Road Supervisor Review   Accident Review Board
Updating of Training Programs   Driver Re-training
Analysis of Field Data   Analysis of Field Data


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