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A full service transportation business with multiple service lines geared towards the physically challenged

Premier Paratransit LLC provides an ideal transportation experience. Through our experienced managers, we select and train highly capable drivers who can understand the full scope of on demand Paratransit services. Premier emphasizes customer sensitivity geared to diverse ethnic groups and varies levels of mobility. Premier’s drivers deliver quality and professional service 365 days a year.

Premier’s safety standards are unparallel both in vehicle and road service. Premier prides itself as a provider of a safe, reliable and courteous transportation service with a keen understanding of the needs of the disabled community. Furthermore, Premier staff is fluent in all aspects of the American Disability Act (ADA) and ensures its implementation through its varies training and oversight programs.


  Dispatching Excellence route management procedural requirements  
All calls are generated through a computerized route management system. Trips are monitored in order to maintain optimal On Time performance. All the vehicles are equipped with (Mobile Data Terminals) MDT’s.
Our dispatchers are trained in knowing the geographic areas and understanding of effectively transferring trip in order to provide on time and effective service to all customers.
We ensure that Procedural Requirements are understood. These include under-standing the rules regarding no shows, when to use a sedan vs. bus, under-standing the rules of passenger accompaniment and the time windows.
Employee Screening
and Training
  • Creating and maintaining a process of screening and selection
  • Hiring of quality professionals at all levels
  • Employees with experience in the medical transportation and safety field
  • Pre and Post Trip Vehicle Inspections
  • Detailed vehicle maintenance plans
  • Defensive driving courses
  • Zero tolerance Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Wheelchair Security Enforcement
  • Emergency management training
  • Road Supervisor Review
  • Privacy of Customers is strictly upheld
  • Disability awareness is educated throughout entire organization
  • Courteous interaction is promoted
customer service
  • Proactive customer service is defined as trained, monitored and qualified staff
  • Reactive customer service is defined as accurate reporting, investigation, resolution and follow up

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